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Individuals with a significant wealth of assets have every interest in contacting professionals. A wealth management advisor, asset manager or wealth manager is a professional involved in the management of individual or family wealth, including trust or corporate assets.

A wealth management advisor can be adjudicative or advisory, depending on the professional services agreement. He advises his wealthy clients on their finances, notably by recommending that they invest some of their money in various stock market transactions.

A very wide profession 

The Wealth Advisor offers financial investments with a wide variety of funds from different management companies. For example, some life insurance contracts provide access to nearly 500 funds. The basis of the job is to be independent and choose the best solutions wherever they are. At the request of the client, he can draw up a patrimonial report which takes stock of his patrimonial, tax and estate situation.

How to control the state budget?

Depending on the objectives adopted in these areas, he recommends different solutions to achieve them. There are various professional associations that invest in changing the various statuses mentioned. If the financial and banking activity of retailers is now clearly defined and regulated, the term wealth management advisor does not have a legal definition. Get the best now from .

Marketing circuits 

On the other hand, each marketing channel, each legal nature of a financial enterprise may contain wealth management advisors that meet generally accepted standards.

  • Investment advice (shares, bonds, SICAV shares or FCP units, forward financial instruments, etc.)
  • Advising on the performance of investment services (receipt of orders for third parties, execution of orders on behalf of third parties, portfolio management on behalf of third parties, etc.)
  • Advice on carrying out transactions on various assets (life annuity purchase).

The CIF may also receive an order from a client wishing to subscribe to units or shares of undertakings for collective investment for which it has previously provided a consultancy service. It can solicit clients to offer its financial investment advisory business but also to contract natural persons who are looking for it.

A private bank, a literal translation of the term Private Banking, is an institution that provides highly personalized and sophisticated financial services, often referred to as “wealth management”, to individuals with significant net worth. Originally family with a personal commitment of the private banker on his family fortune, they are sometimes specialized departments of generalist network banks, which provide their high-end clientele services of a level similar to those of an independent private bank.

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