postheadericon Management of business processes by means of the BPM’online application

BPM systems which are intended for effective management of business processes for the first time have been used in in the 90s.
Their main mission is the performance of management of various companies by means of special programs. Design of these processes is made for successful management of any business processes at the introduction of the described systems. Special charts, i.e. actually the scheme of all stages of the business process in a graphic look are for this purpose applied.

Such class of programs is called BPMS (business process management
software) or BPM system.
That is intended to provide that when functioning the program could control fully business process, charts have to be loaded into the computer and are carried out. Thus, the maximum compliance between the developed model and the really proceeding process is reached.
For the successful realization of the principle of VRM the BPM’online solution is used, it gives the chance to create such information systems which are capable to correct flexibly the parameters according to those changes which happen in business processes of the organization. Such an approach provides the exact performance of processes of this or that company and brings to the order.

Functions of the application of BPM’online are rather various, but all of them can be carried to one of four groups which correspond to stages of life cycle of PDCA – modeling, performance, monitoring, and optimization of processes.

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